Catering Packages

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Poche’s Country Club offers a complete package of services for weddings, special events, board meetings, or whatever special gathering you are planning. We have a full selection of Cajun style cuisine from Poche’s very own catering cookbook, decorating services, a fully staffed bar, and accommodations for any size event.

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about us

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Our catering services include dozens of items to choose from for your wedding or special event. Cajun style catered fare is our specialty, and we have a fully stocked and tended bar to keep the cocktails flowing. Our friendly staff will help you plan, decorate, and prepare for that special day. We are a family-run business and take pride in our service and cuisine.

We are a full service catering and beverage facility. No outside caterers are allowed. There is a minimum of 100 guests to reserve an event.

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